By:  Michael Beckwith
Owner Encore Jobz | Founder

Several candidates call me asking why they never get a response when they apply for a position on line? “The Dreaded Black Hole”.

I have identified what I believe are the top 4 reasons job seekers do not get a response.

  1. What does your resume look like? It must get the hiring authorities attention with in 30 seconds. Yes 30 seconds!! That is all the time a recruiter or hiring authority has to review it. Only if you grab their attention in the first 30 seconds will they look any further.
  2. Many companies are now set up with computerized software to screen your resume. If your key words do not match the position description your resume will not make it to human hands.
  3. Companies compare your resume to your LinkedIn Profile. What does your Picture and Profile look like? Make sure your picture is current.
  4. With the hundreds of people applying online hiring managers are inundated with candidates and many resumes get lost in the shuffle. Apply the minute you see the post. It is not unusual to get a hundred plus resumes on the first day of the posting. Lets face it the odds are pretty good they will hire someone out of 100 candidates…

Here are my thoughts to help you avoid the “Black Hole”.

  1. Design your resume to get their attention. The top half of your resume must be your “elevator pitch”. Who are you, what do you do, what can you do for them, what are your strengths. What accomplishments have you had and what kind of contribution did they make to your prior companies revenue or profits.
  2. Under Professional Experience do not be boring. What company did you work for, what was your position and what did you accomplish?
  3. NET WORK, NET WORK, NET WORK. Find someone you know in the company and have them recommend you to the hiring authority.
  4. Join Linkedin and the Footwear Groups. This is a great way to network. When you are in a group you can email other members asking for help. I own several Groups including: Footwear Worldwide, Worldwide Footwear Sourcing Network and Check them out and join.
  5. Customized Cover Letters. Short and to the point. Sell yourself!
  6. Use Job Search Words – Make sure key words on your resume match key words on the Position Description. Use full names for key words such as Public Relations versus PR or Account Executive not AE.

I hope this information will help you with your job search. I would also like to invite you to join us online at Just go to the home page click Get Started..

Best regards,
Michael Beckwith
Owner Encore Jobz