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Membership F.A.Q

How long has NST been in existence?

NST started in 2006 under the name of World Shoe Travelers Association.  We have gone through some name changes over the years but our DNA remains the same shoe reps helping shoe reps.

NST Life Insurance – I have a policy from years back is it still valid?

No any Life Insurance policy prior to 2006 is no longer valid.  Your membership must be current to have coverage, if your membership laps more than 30 days and you renew you will have a 30 waiting period for your coverage to kick in.

If I’m a member of my regional show association am I a member of NST?

No, many of the regional shows are supporters of NST and give you an opportunity to become a member of NST when signing up for their show on their show contract

Why has the membership price increased?

To cover the additional coverage of the life insurance and the added benefits we offer to our members.

If I’m retired can I still be a member?

We would love for you to remain a member and enjoy the benefits we can offer you.

Website F.A.Q

Membership Auto Renew

Membership will automatically renew each year. Please contact us if you wish to remove auto renew for your NST Membership.

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Renewing Membership

NST memberships auto-renew on a yearly basis. If you’re a returning member you can renew your membership.

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