New and improved MyNST Member Experience

Greetings MyNST Members. We’re proud of our new NST Members Portal, a completely new, secure and improvement to your membership experience with NST.

Auto Renewal payments are/will be phased out from our previous payment processor, Stripe. We’re now using a secure service for your payments, auto renewals and member benefits, from NeonCRM.

You’ll now be able to manage and update your credit card info, your personal/business info, view your membership number and membership card and view all of your benefits. The new NST Members Portal, is the only way to view your membership to take advantage of the NST Scholarship/endowment fun, for example.

Members, any login info you had on this  A new login will need to be created in the new NST Membership Portal, which will be how you’ll be able to create and renew your auto renewal with NST.

Current NST members, your accounts have been migrated to the new NST Members Portal:

Creating your new MyNST login

NST is proud to announce the launch of our new NST Members Portal. Current members, you must setup a new login for your account.

Two options; Follow the tutorial video below or follow the written instructions at the bottom of this page.

Current NST members, your accounts have been migrated to the new NST Members Portal:

To setup your login, follow the “Forgot Password” link here: Forgot Password. Or continue with the video or written tutorial below.

Video Tutorial 

Instructions for current members to create a new account.

1. Head here first: Password Reset

2. Using your registered email with NST, enter the email and press the “Send Recovery Email” button:

3. You will receive the email below, please follow the link to create your account

4. The link in the email (Password Information from National Shoe Travelers (NST)), will take you to the page shown below. You can enter your new login and password

With the new username and password, you’re all set to access your NST account! Login Portal