NST Membership Drive for 2014

The month of November will kick off the renewal campaign for Membership Drive for NST. We value your commitment to NST and will continue to improve the benefits to help assist you on the Road. Please send in your application for 2014 and updates Life Insurance Beneficiary form to the NST office. Applications can be completed on line, emailed or faxed to the NST office. Please remember there is no automatic renewal. We have switched to a rolling calendar and if you have any questions or concerns when your membership is set to expire, please email the office. We are here and happy to assist.

Membership Benefits
  • Current Dues $100/rolling calendar year
  • Enrolled Members receive a tiered life insurance policy; $15,000 to $25,000 depending on age
  • Established a 1.5 million dollar endowment fund to assist current members in times of critical need or financial hardships
  • Unlimited Access to NST General Counsel, Steven Sack.  Unlimited phone calls and will review all legal documents and contracts – pertaining to footwear industry
  • Complimentary Bag Service at FN Platform
  • FedEx Shipping Discounts and Office Depot Discounts
  • Networking opportunities with the NST Job Board  http://localhost:8888/mynst/job-board/
  • Sample Bag discount from Pat Philmon  http://www.philmoncorporation.com

Click the above NST Renewal Banner to be taken to the online Membership form. You will be able to make your membership payment directly on line.  If you would rather mail your Membership Application and payment to the National Shoe Travelers, we have provided you with an Offline Membership Application. It is a fillable PDF, which can be filled on your computer, printed and mailed with your payment.

Any questions on the rolling calendar renewal procedures, please contact the office at: 1-855-556-9678 or Meaghan.Lawson@mynst.org
“Sales Reps helping Sales Reps.”