Are your sample cases relics? Are they overweight? Are they out of compliance with the airline requirements of 62” total inches?

Philmon Corporation | Sample Cases

“Just in Case” is a new sample case that will protect your samples and your bottom line. Hate when you are charged by the airlines for overweight samples? Packed normally, the case will weigh-in at close to the 50lb. weight parameter. Fellow Shoe Traveler and Shoe Rep Veteran, Pat Philmon, has designed this case with the road warrior in mind.
Benefits of the “Just in Case”:

  • The case is lightweight and very manageable with rubber-wheeled casters for easy, quiet rolling.
  • The case is made with a proven durable exterior material.
  • The Interior is made of all sewn components that are rigid enough to protect the shoes but flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of footwear styles and shapes. No more glued down cloth and plywood to contend with.
  • Standard case is built on 32-sample base interior or configuration; however, can be easy converted to smaller compartments with extra partitions to allow for women’s heel heights and boots.
  • Case is warrantied against manufactured defects.
  • Case is guaranteed to meet the 62 inch maximum for checked bags.

Retail is $450 and the NST exclusive HOLIDAY discount price is $299 for all current members.

Please call the NST office or Pat Philmon directly for the NST Promo code.
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Originally posted: 10/11/2013