Save on Tradeshow Shipping Costs

Shipping your products and samples in and out of our industry tradeshows just got a lot easier and more cost-effective. PartnerShip®, our endorsed shipping and freight program provider, offers a customized tradeshow shipping service that has been designed to take the hassle out of scheduling pick-ups, tracking shipments, and filling out paperwork – and save you a lot of money over what the show decorators charge for freight.

Using PartnerShip® for all of your tradeshow shipments (over 150 pounds) comes with a lot of additional benefits. You’ll still be shipping using all of the same national carriers that all of the show decorators use, but you’ll be billed directly by PartnerShip®, with 20 day net terms, and earn valuable credits towards PartnerShip® Frequent Tradeshow Shipper Rewards, where you can earn $25 pre-paid Visa gift cards. Since many members work from their homes, PartnerShip® has been able to negotiate with carriers to waive the residential pick-up fees. PartnerShip® tracks every shipment from origin and destination, and offers an on-time delivery guarantee. A PartnerShip® representative will be on site at the FN Platform show from move-in to move-out to make sure everything goes smoothly with your shipment, and help with your outbound paperwork.

To get an idea of how much you can save on tradeshow shipping using PartnerShip®, go to to request a quote or rate comparison of a previous tradeshow shipment. You can also call a Tradeshow Account Rep at 800-599-2902 x 1757 or send an e-mail to Be sure to mention that you are an NST member.