#StandOut :: Engaging in Social Media to Leverage Your Personal Brand

By Dione Katelhut

In a sea of shoe reps how can you stand out in the crowd?

Stand for something. What can you bring to the industry that no one else can? Simply, have a unique point of view. Do you have a distinct selling philosophy? Exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond? Focus in a specific market niche?

Communicate your brand. Again. And again.

Social Media is a free and easy way to effectively leverage your personal brand, the lines you rep and connect with new customers.

Here are a few simple tools you can use every day.


Since we live in a visual industry, photos are not only appropriate, they’re essential.

Did you just get a new sample that looks promising? Snap a quick photo then upload to Instagram. Include a clever caption. Maybe you focus on a product detail or target customer.

Mention the brand using the handle or hashtag. For example @CharlesDavidCA or #CharlesDavidCA

You can also target potential customers who may have an interest in your product by way of mention, via handle or hashtag.
Mentions create brand awareness for the product line, customers and you.

I’d recommending using additional hashtags with keywords that relate to the product or caption. Instagram is easily searchable via hashtags and you’re likely to receive “likes” from users who are not your followers, resulting in more reach and ultimately gain the attention of potential future lines or customers. By promoting others, you promote yourself.


Twitter is one of the fastest ways to spread your brand message and create product awareness. When you upload a photo from Instagram you can also share it to Twitter. There’s a two-fer!

Just leave an appointment with a retailer or wholesale account? Why not tweet it and mention the store or company? Include a photo of the retail space or product.

Follow others reps on twitter, customers and the lines your rep. I’d also recommend following a few industry news accounts to stay current on trends. Remember to retweet a post you like, find value in or simply want to promote. The less it’s about you, the more it’s about you.


Be sure to join several relevant LinkedIn groups. Consider posting inspirational quotes, links to industry news and of course, new product. Sharing an update to your profile and posting in LinkedIn groups will increase your visibility. Your profile should be up to date, include a photo and clearly communicate who you are and what you do. This is a great place to include your selling philosophy or whatever makes you unique.

By now you might be wondering, how much time will this require? Less than 30 minutes a day. The key to leveraging your personal brand is a clear, unique message. Communicate consistently through social media channels while focusing on others.

How many other reps are engaging in social media to leverage their personal brand? Maybe you’ll be the first. #StandOut

Dione Katelhut
Dione Katelhut
Managing Partner

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