National Shoe Travelers is a membership organization whose goals are to represent and significantly improve the abilities and well-being of traveling sales representatives who work within the footwear and related goods industry.


NST is you… are you a traveling sales rep seeking opportunities to network with fellow members, vendors and key players in the footwear industry? Are you looking for the latest industry information with an organization that supports it’s members with a range of benefits and services and education? NST is for you.


NST is a dynamic, evolutionary organization continuously delivering benefits, services and education to enrich the lives and careers of its members.

Letter from the President

National Shoe Travelers Assn. was formed as an association of and for wholesale travelers. Our original charge was to raise the awareness of what the traveler does, provide an education program, benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to individuals, and have a website which would serve as a central meeting place for information and conversation.

We have evolved into a very philanthropic organization which has done all the above and has added a college scholarship fund for our members, their children, and their grandchildren. We have also established a fund which provides emergency money in cases of disaster and hardships.

NST works very closely with TWOTEN organization and supports their overall footwear industry programs.

In our short history, we have come a long way to fulfill our goal of Travelers helping Travelers. Please see our list of benefits and see what a great value we are to our members. Please join, we need your membership and your input to continue our good work.

Jim Newman

Board of Directors

The following are the association’s leadership. We want to encourage members to join our committees and build your involvement in the leadership of the association. Share your knowledge and talents to help develop programs and develop the growth of membership around the country. Contact anyone on this list and share your interest and ideas…:

General Board Members

Gerald Turetzky | California
Helen Getlin | Illinois
Lisa Schmidt| Oregon
Mona Bennight
| Texas
Jeff Goulding| California
Robbie Katz| Kansas
Al Rivera| New York
Carmen Wilke| Missouri
Laura Moen

Executive Board

Bruce Condiotty | President
Michael Burton | Vice President
Jim McCabe |
Jeff Goulding |

Terry Bastis| Past President—Oregon
CMO – Chief Membership Officer